Seminar participants learn about Korea

A group from the Presbyterian Church in Chatham Township participated in a seminar on Wednesday, October 15. The group focused on Korea.

Our colleague, Doug Hostetter, from the Mennonite Central Committee UN Liaison Office provided some history of Korea and talked about the work of the Mennonites in both North and South Korea.

Moon H. Lee, former Executive Secretary of National Council of Korean Presbyterian Churches, former Eastern Korean Presbytery Stated Clerk, former NYC Presbytery moderator, and current member of the PC(USA) Advisory Committee on the Constitution, made a presentation and led a discussion about Presbyterian ministry with the people of Korea both in Korea and in the United States.

The Young Adult Volunteer Program based in Daejon, South Korea shared two video clips with the group. The timing was not right to use Skype.

One video provides an overview of a year in the life of the Young Adult Volunteers in the Republic of Korea.

In a video made for the seminar, Esther Ji-Eun Kim and Kurt Esslinger provide an overview of the work of the Young Adult Volunteers and information about the work of the Reconciliation and Unification Committee of the National Council of Churches in Korea.


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