Remembering September 11

Take time to pause, reflect and pray for peace today

There are a number of excellent resources on the PC(USA) website to help guide your prayer and reflection today.  There are also helpful Quaker resources at the Friends Committee website.

We also draw your attention to the 2014 Path of Peace devotion for today.  These devotions are available for subscription or download through October 5:

September 11, 2014 – Luke 24:13–35
Submitted by Christie Wiersma
Reflection: The walk to Emmaus . . . two disciples of the by then crucified Jesus, are walking and discussing together the recent events of their Lord’s death. They encounter a man thought to be unfamiliar to them; a stranger, so they thought, who seemed to know nothing of this man Jesus. This was a walk that would realize itself as the most important walk of their lives, on a road they had undoubtedly traveled many times before, but this time a walk that would literally change their lives.

As I walked and followed in the footsteps of Jesus with my fellow “Mosaic of Peace” participants, I found this story coming to mind. Here I was walking on ground where the person who was the essence of compassion, the personification of peace, justice, and reconciliation had walked, been exalted, suffered, and ultimately raised in glory. Here I was walking in this land called holy, this land of the Holy One and I was in awe. I was in wonder. I was deeply moved, and I was profoundly disturbed. Then, just like the two disciples, my eyes were opened. They were opened to examples of fellowship, community, compassion, and care for the dignity of the other, regardless of who the “other” might be. People helping others, sharing lives, living what the disciples in Emmaus had learned—that we need not focus on the distinctions that make us different as individuals and as a people. What is important is what the disciples learned that evening in the breaking of the bread with Jesus: that we strive to see Christ in the other and that there be a willingness by all to eat together while worshiping the same God.

Action: On this most portentous of days for our country, be mindful of all whose paths you cross and seek the Christ in the other, no matter how difficult or easy this may be.

Prayer: Merciful and gracious God: On this most difficult of days for this nation, we ask that, like the two disciples walking to Emmaus we too may move from ignorance to acknowledging and embracing the Christ in others. Empower us with your Holy Spirit to be the hands and feet of Christ, working for peace with justice and reconciliation throughout this troubled yet precious world of yours. In your Son’s name we pray, Amen.

Christie Wiersma is a ruling elder at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Lake Michigan Presbytery.


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