Orange Day addresses violence against women and girls in sport

The Secretary General’s UNiTE to End Women against Violence campaign declared the 25th of every month an “Orange Day,” a day to raise awareness and advocate against the harming of women. November 25th of each year is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, but the UNiTE campaign reminds us that violence against women is a serious, yearlong problem that should be addressed often. Witness and advocacy and work deserves more than just a single day once a year.

Each Orange Day has a different theme. The theme for June 25th is “Engaging Sport Communities and Addressing Violence against Women and Girls in Sport.” The World Cup reminds us of the power sports have to influence, connect, and rehabilitate people of any gender.

UNiTE has used the World Cup as an opportunity to spread awareness of violence against women in Brazil and around the world. A million stickers have been passed out in host cities of the event, with the slogan “O Valente não é Violento” (the brave is not violent). Furthermore, in partnership with the British Embassy, UN Women developed a phone app called Clique 180 which gives information about women’s rights in Brazil and guidelines for dealing with violence. UNiTE is also supporting the organizations Grassroot Soccer and Women Win, which encourage advocacy via sports.

On this month’s Orange Day, it is important to celebrate women while celebrating your favorite soccer teams. Remember to wear orange and show your support for women in sports, and all women around the world.

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