Red Card to Child Labour Campaign

Red Card Banner

by Grace Segers

On June 12, the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations will be supporting the International Labour Organization’s Red Card to Child Labour campaign. The ILO reports there are an estimated 168 million child workers in the world. These children suffer abuse as sweatshop workers, miners, child soldiers, sex workers, or in other horrific and inhumane positions. The Red Card to Child Labour initiative is an attempt to raise awareness of these children’s plight through social media.

The Red Card campaign will culminate on June 12 with a Thunderclap message. Thunderclap allows various organizations and people to sign up to support a campaign, and on a specific day will simultaneously release messages advocating for the initiative on behalf of these participants. On June 12, social media outlets will be flooded with information regarding the Red Card to Child Labour campaign, thereby reaching millions of people.

Everyone who signs up for the Thunderclap to support the Red Card campaign will be able to download an exclusive song, ‘Til Everyone Can See, on June 12. The song was written especially for the campaign by Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and violinist Ann Marie Simpson, and features Pharrell Williams, Hans Zimmer, Dominic Lewis, Travis Barker, LIZ, and Minh Dang.

Presbyterians have long been dedicated to child labor reform. Supporting the Red Card to Child Labour campaign is one more way to proclaim that every child is entitled to happiness and a life free from labor or abuse. Join the Thunderclap here to support the Presbyterian Ministry at the UN in an effort to bring awareness to this important cause.

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