Advent Devotion – Sunday, December 22

Reflection and Prayer by Sarah Stagner (12th grade)

Galatians 3:6-14

1. How is living by faith different from following the law?

2. What would it look like if we truly lived by faith, like Abraham?

Reflection: The law is a set of rules made by humans to guide them in knowing what is wrong or right, while living by faith is to turn to that inner Spirit and follow feelings rather than rules. Additionally, laws are made to prohibit, while living by faith removes all limitations and allows us to live fully in God. If we were able to truly live by faith, like Abraham, then there would be no need for a law to govern us. When we are with God, we are part of a whole where there is no conflict because we each have a path that flows with those around us—all heading to the same place: we are all trying to reach the same goals.

Prayer: Please help those living in areas of conflict to be able to find peace in you and allow them to reach peaceful resolutions. Allow us to look at our enemies and notice that they all have families, making them human. For when we recognize our enemies as being human, they are no longer enemies but our brothers and sisters. 

The 2013 Advent Devotions were written by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) youth and their leaders at the 2013 Youth Triennium. Each day provides a lectionary-based Scripture passage, questions for reflection, and the students’ responses. 

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