Advent Devotion – Wednesday, December 18

Reflection and Prayer by Samantha Shamburg (11th grade)

John 3:16-21

1. If Jesus himself was not sent to condemn, are we as his followers fit to judge and condemn?

2. Why do those who do evil hate the light?

Reflection: Jesus was not sent to condemn the world, and so we, as his followers, are not fit to judge and condemn. And yet we do it anyway. Jesus would not like the way we treat others, yet he still chooses to forgive us. Those who do evil hate the light because they know that what they have done is wrong and that they will be punished in some way for their wrongdoing, even though God has already forgiven them.

Prayer: Dear God, I pray for those who choose to do wrong in spite of you. Please help them to follow you. Amen.

The 2013 Advent Devotions were written by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) youth and their leaders at the 2013 Youth Triennium. Each day provides a lectionary-based Scripture passage, questions for reflection, and the students’ responses. 

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