Advent Devotion – Thursday, December 5

Reflection and Prayer by Alex Culp (10th grade)

Matthew 21:33-46

1. In Jesus’ story, why do the tenants mistreat the landowner’s slaves and son?

2. How can we be faithful tenants in the kingdom of God?

Reflection: The tenants killed and abused other people for their own selfish gain. Being a faithful tenant in God’s kingdom can be a struggle. The tenants mistreated people because they were poorly guided. God’s kingdom isn’t about pushing others down to raise yourself to the top. It’s about lifting people with you.

Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me to find the strength to help lift others up when they are down. Please give me guidance and wisdom to know my wrongdoing. Amen. 

The 2013 Advent Devotions were written by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) youth and their leaders at the 2013 Youth Triennium. Each day provides a lectionary-based Scripture passage, questions for reflection, and the students’ responses. 

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