To bring a better future – ministry in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

As the season of prayer for peace on the Korean Peninsula continues, the Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study Web page for July 23, 2013 focuses on ministry in North Korea:

As of this writing, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) is in the news often, as the speculation on the future of the country after the death of Kim Jong Il continues. Whether his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, can consolidate power in a orderly manner is a great concern to all who work to bring hope for abundant life to God’s children in North Korea. The PC(USA) continues to support Christian churches, education, and children’s nutrition programs. Given the difficult political and bureaucratic challenges, we partner with many organizations and individuals to demonstrate Christ’s love.

Haejung and I were serving at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology in December 2011 and attended a worship service at the Chilgol Church. We were surprised to meet Rev. Insik Kim and Sue Kinsler, retired colleagues from Presbyterian World Mission, continuing their service in other capacities. God’s work continues in this part of the world through servants in many paths. Presbyterian World Mission is actively seeking to send mission workers to reside and serve in North Korea, and hopefully the goal will have been met as you read this.

We covet your continuing interest in both the lives of faithful Christians in North Korea and the workers endeavoring to bring a better future to its people.

—Dr. Simon and Haejung Park, former PC(USA) mission co-workers, South Korea

Pray for our Partners/Partnerships including:
Korean Christian Federation: Rev. Jong Ro Li, director of international affairs
Pyongyang Seminary
Pyongyang University of Science and Technology: Dr. James Chin-Kyung Kim, president

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