Ambassador of South Sudan talks with Security Council

On July 11, 2013, the Security Council held a meeting with the Ambassador of South Sudan. In this meeting the Ambassador discussed issues that continue to plague his country.  He focused on several on-going concerns: need to combat corruption, lack of civilian protections, and the need for increased peace and security throughout the country. The people of South Sudan know that addressing these issues will take a significant amount of time, but the government is dedicated to implementing programs that will address these concerns. The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Central Republic of Africa have committed to support and help South Sudan become a peace and prosperous country.

While the Ambassador outlined several concerns, he indicated that the most pressing issue facing South Sudan is the protection of civilians. They also want to improve education, health care and clean water throughout the country. They want to initially address these concerns in high-risk areas.  After their independence, South Sudan has suffered many significant and dramatic changes.  As the country moves into the future, South Sudan is in need of support from as many countries as are able to provide assistance.

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