Three Prayer Concerns – July 10

Humanitarian workers in Darfur and elsewhere
Pray for those who work to bring relief to those in war torn areas. Inspire generosity and compassion in all our hearts and guide the nations of the world toward the day when all will rejoice in a world of justice and peace. Pray for the humanitarian workers throughout the world and especially for those presently in Darfur. Their cause is noble. Pray for those who have given their lives for the sake of others. On July 7, two non-governmental organization workers in South Darfur were killed during a violent incident between government troops and rebels. This incident highlights the unstable security situation in the region. Pray for those noble relief workers and their families. These workers gave their lives in order to improve the situation for the people in Darfur. Violence causes both human and material losses. The continuation of unstable security in this region threatens to disrupt the flow of much needed humanitarian assistance, destabilizes reconciliation efforts and derails progress towards greater economic and social development. Pray for these relief workers and their families. Pray for stability in the region and for those who have given their lives for others.

People fleeing violence in the Central African Republic

Pray for people from the Central African Republic who flee the violence in their country and seek to rebuild their lives.

Adolescents who are pregnant
11 July is World Population Day, as designated by the UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. World Population Day 2013 focuses on adolescent pregnancy. “About 16 million girls under the age of 18 give birth each year.” Far too many of  these girls never had the opportunity to plan their pregnancy. Complications from pregnancy and childbirth can cause significant disabilities and are the leading cause of death for these vulnerable young women. Adolescent girls also face high levels of illness, injury and death due to unsafe abortions. Pray for these young women to be protected. May they remain safe and free from abuse and violence that may result in an unplanned pregnancy.  Pray that girls will be provided with an education through their adolescence, as young girls who are educated are more likely to marry later, delaying childbearing until they are ready. May comprehensive education programs be developed to provide adolescents with the information they need to make informed decisions. This is especially important to empowering young women to decide when and if they wish to become mothers. We pray that throughout the world young women will be provided with comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services that cover family planning and the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Guide us so that we may better provide the maternal health services that women and young girls need and that we devote our attention to the education, health and well being of adolescent girls so that they will become an even greater force for positive change in society. Pray for all those young girls who presently need help and guidance and we ask that we be provided with all that is necessary to help prevent future girls from having unplanned pregnancies.

Thanks to Anna Folz for work on this post.

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