A prayer for people fleeing violence in the Central African Republic

Look with mercy on those who are fleeing from danger, are homeless and hungry. Watch over refugees and victims of war. Look after those who have been separated from their loved ones, their homes and the communities that they have grown to know and love. Watch over those who have been forced to flee from the places in which they feel safe and secure. Pray for those who have fled and now suffer the frustration and pain of refugee status. Pray for those who are presently in the Congo, seeking refuge from violence in their homelands.  Watch over these refugees and pray they will be protected and safe. Watch over women like Rosalie Gere Yagbandi and her nine children who were forced to flee to the Congo from their village in Central African Republic. Since March they have found refuge on the banks of the Ubangi River.  In Central African Republic they had a stable life, operating a small business and selling fish.  The children attended school. They now live in extremely difficult conditions in makeshift shelters on the riverbank.  Rosalie worries about her children and their inability to attend school.  She says they are not used to eating the rice and beans they are given and hopes they will be able to continue to fish on the Ubangi River, as fishing is what they did in their homeland. Pray for Rosalie and her children and all those who have been forced to flee their villages and homelands. Look after all those who are fleeing from danger, may they find rest and security in their new lands. May they eventually be able to return home. Amen.


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