Three Prayer Concerns – June 26

Please pray for all of the refugees and displaced persons in Sudan. Help us to be mindful of the women and children in the refugee camps and the dangerous situations in which they face every day. Help those who have been the victims of abuse and rape at the hands of those who claim to be their friends. One recent report tells of a refugee camp in West Darfur where 7 women, including 3 schoolgirls, one who was only 13 years of age were raped at gunpoint by 9 “pro-government militiamen”.  We pray for the recovery of these women and children and may they find your love in their hearts so that they can move beyond the terrible violence they faced at the hands of those they trusted. Pray that these acts of violence will end and the issues in the area will soon be resolved.

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Pray for the people of Lulingu, South Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo as they face a malaria outbreak. Be with the men and women working for Doctors without Borders as they continue to treat men, women and children who are suffering with malaria.  We pray for the doctors who are providing medical assistance on a continual basis. We pray for their health and well-being so they can continue to complete their work. Be with them so that they find rest and peace as they help the people of the Congo. These doctors have already treated 2,500 Congolese, may they continue to bring help to those in need.

Women and Violence
As we participated in the actions for the Orange Day on June 25, we remember that working to end violence against women and girls is a task for everyday. Pray for all the women and children who are abused both physically and emotionally. May you give them the strength that is necessary to cope with the violence made against them. We pray they find love in their hearts to offer forgiveness to those who harm them. We pray that all women and all children everywhere will come to know You and find love and peace in their lives.

Thanks to Anna Folz for working on this post.

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