Welcome Bryce Wilson

The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program Summer Intern

Bryce Wilson

We are pleased to welcome Bryce Wilson to the staff team of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.  Bryce graduated from Hope International University in Fullerton, California in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Cross-Cultural Business Administration. He writes, “while studying and planning a career in the international nonprofit sector, I began to really question what it meant to be a disciple of the Prince of Peace in a world torn apart by war and violence. It was during this time that I began to feel God calling me to be a peacemaker. After school, my wife and I were married and joined a Mennonite congregation with a strong commitment to peacemaking in the Greater Los Angeles area. It was during this time that I really caught a vision for what it would look like to mobilize the Church in peacemaking. Through peace education programs for children and nonviolent activism, our Church had a visible presence in the community.”

In January 2013, Bryce and his wife relocated from Los Angeles to Louisville for her work with Life In Abundance International.  They found Central Presbyterian Church because it identified itself as a “commitment to peacemaking” congregation.  Bryce learned about the internship opportunity from one of the church’s pastors.  “I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity to work with the Peacemaking Program on projects that are so close to my heart. I’m excited to participate in events like Big Tent and Wild Goose Festival this summer.  I am also looking forward to working on the PC(USA) campaign to prevent gun violence and to promote the documentary Trigger:  The Ripple Effect of Gun Violence.   Please join me in praying for God’s work through the program, and for peace around the world.”

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