Summer 2013 intern at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations – Marissa Costello

Marissa CostelloMy name is Marissa Costello and I’m an intern at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. I wanted to intern here for two reasons specifically. One of those reasons being that I am now going into my senior year as an undergraduate at Saint Francis College but I’m still not sure what career I would like to pursue in my future. I’m a sociology major with a concentration in social work but I don’t know what specific field I would like to pursue. I’m hoping that working with this ministry and being exposed to universal issues that the ministry is concerned with will give me more insight on what field would I be most interested in. As I’m searching to find what career in the helping profession best fits me, I’m also looking to educate myself on politics. Never have I taken a strong interest in politics but if I want to make positive changes in people’s lives, I need to be aware of what’s going on in their country, how does their culture dictate what policies are created and what actions can be implemented to improve the lives of a certain population.

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