Three prayer concerns – May 1

In addition to the joys and concerns that are on your heart, the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations suggests prayers for:

Prayers for people of Libya as they struggle to find nonviolent, positive, and constructive ways to express themselves in the midst of armed attacks on their governmental infrastructure.

The situation at Guantanamo Bay prison facility
Prayers for President Barack Obama as he attempts to find a resolution to the hunger strike in the Guantanamo Bay prison facility that has reportedly spread to over 100 inmates; for leaders who make decisions concerning the facility; those who serve at the facility; those who are on hunger strike there; those who work to ensure safety and protect human rights.

Syria and Palestine refugees
Prayers for the ever-increasing number of Palestine refugees displaced by the violence in Syria. Prayers for an end to violence and the establishment of a just peace in Syria

What prayers do you lift this day and this week?

Thanks to Teo Ufford-Chase for working on this post.

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