UNICEF Tap Project 2013

This year, the UNICEF Tap Project would like to invite you to transform the world’s largest social network into a water network.

UNICE Tap Project logoNo one can survive without water. Yet nearly 800 million people do not have safe, clean water to drink, and more than 2.5 billion people live without a proper toilet. The lack of these basic necessities isn’t just inconvenient — it’s lethal. Every day, nearly 4,000 children under age five die from waterborne diseases.

Through the UNICEF Tap Project and your social network, you can help stop these needless deaths.

Why the UNICEF Tap Project?
The UNICEF Tap Project is a nationwide campaign that provides clean water and adequate sanitation to children around the world. With just $5, UNICEF can give one child safe drinking water for 200 days. Currently, UNICEF works in more than 100 countries around the world to improve access to safe water and sanitation facilities in schools and communities and to promote safe hygiene practices. Since 1990, thanks to the work of UNICEF and its partners, more than 2 billion people have gained access to clean drinking water.

Why volunteer for clean water
Volunteers have been a big part of the UNICEF Tap Project’s success, turning the campaign into a national movement and helping to raise more than $3.5 million since 2007. Now, to reach even more children with clean water, we want to raise more money, faster — and we need your help! Let’s continue the work in 2013! To register as a volunteer with the UNICEF Tap Project, simply log-in at the UNICEF Action Center and then “join” the campaign at the UNICEF Tap Project campaign page.

One you have registered, here is how you can get involved:

This year, the UNICEF Tap Project will live on Facebook. You can donate using the UNICEF Tap Project Facebook App and keep the water flowing with the help of your Facebook friends. With your support, we will turn the world’s largest social network into a water network. We will raise awareness about the world water crisis and provide this essential resource to children around the globe like never before. We will turn everyone on Facebook into a Tap. And by opening your Tap with a small donation, you will be able to send water on to two friends. A $5 donation can provide one child with access to clean water for as long as 200 days.

UNICEF Tap Project volunteers can host a fundraising event online or in their communities. If you are planning a fundraiser or event, please register your event. Approved fundraisers will receive a $25 credit to purchase UNICEF Tap Project branded items at the UNICEF USA Store.

Join our water and sanitation webinars. During the one-hour webinar, U.S. Fund for UNICEF supporters and advocates will obtain (1) an overview of the world water crisis (2) an understanding of UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programs and (3) info on Taking Action. Date: Wednesday, March 20th at 8pm ET   Register here

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