What can we do?

How can we work to end violence against women and girls?

That was the question of the day at one of the adult education classes at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. Four members of the Presbyterian delegation made a panel presentation on the Commission on the Status of Women and this year’s theme: the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls.

Panel at Fifth AvenueEach participant shared her story reflecting on why she chose to attend the Commission and what her experiences had been. The participants also reflected on their ministries working to eliminate and prevent violence against women and girls: ministries that were a part of their lives before they came to the Commission and ministries to which they will return with new insights and deepened convictions.

A lively conversation followed. Among the questions: “How can we work to end violence against women and girls?”

Some responses:

Additional ideas are more than welcome!

Thanks to Lillian Oats, Annanda Barclay, Ann Rhee Menzie, and Mary Ann Pedde for serving on the panel. Thanks to Amanda Ashcraft, Kate Dunn, and Charlene Han Powell of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church for making the arrangements to host the panel.

Thanks to the approximately 70 individuals who took the time to come and engage in the discussion.

Thanks to all who work to end violence against women and girls.

As Scott Black Johnston reminded us during his sermon, we are all God’s children – freed in Christ to treat one another with love and respect and dignity. May it be so.

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