Rebuilding in Acheh

Peng and Dr RamaliDr. Rashila Ramali made a presentation at the Asian Pacific Women’s Watch parallel event on the situation of women in Acheh.  She analyzed the use of international instruments by the government of Acheh after the independence from Indonesia in 1945 to the armed conflict from 1889-1998 and to the Tsunami of 2004.

One of the most interesting facts was to learn that there are different dotted colored rooftops of the houses depending who came to help rebuild.  There is no one organized agency in control. NGOs go into the country and deliver aid where they see a need by building houses, schools and medical clinics.

It was an interesting presentation to know about the development of women and children and track their hardships and learn of their progress.

The photo shows Dr. Roshila Ramli, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Occidental Studies from the Univerti Kebabgsaan Malaysia with Peng Leong, author of the post and volunteer at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations.

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