2012 Advent Devotion- Tuesday, December 25

by Stephanie Quintana Martinez, young adult volunteer (Tucson, Arizona)

1 John 4:16

As far back as I can remember I have always questioned the motives of why things happen in a certain way. Events in our lives are woven together to form a mysterious path that only God understands. Nativity sparks interest in our hearts because we think about what God’s plans were with the gift of an only child, given as a gift of grace.

Every time we honor Jesus’ name during this period of Advent, we honor love. In a world where materialism, consumerism, and individualism have become our focus, God’s everlasting love challenges us to build communities of solidarity. Today we have the opportunity to take action, allowing God’s love to show itself through our loving hands and to stand by those who are oppressed.

Loving God, let our hands be of service, our shoulders be pillars of strength for those who grieve, our eyes be full of compassion for those who suffer, and our smiles rejoice with those who are joyful. Let us reach out during Nativity to help others when and where they need us. Amen.

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