2012 Advent Devotion- Saturday, December 22

by Nathan Young, owner UnWiredIT (Seattle, Washington)

Luke 1:39-48

Responses from both Elizabeth and Mary in this passage are spontaneous outpourings of spiritual emotion. Elizabeth bestows blessing upon Mary, declaring that the child within her is the Lord. Mary responds in passionate verse, expressing her humble and profound gratitude to God. It is no wonder that Mary’s ”Magnificat” has been set to music by so many composers.

In a musical, the purpose of a song stems from the character’s inability to express their feelings in anything less than the eloquence of song. Words have more power to communicate when set to music because there is an additional medium to convey the depth of emotion.

Given an age of multi-sensory technology and our drive to fill our lives with constant activity, perhaps we miss those marvelous spirit-filled moments in which we burst into song purely because God has filled us with such passion that mere words will not suffice.

In this Advent season and into the New Year, may you find time to listen to how the Spirit is working in your heart and in the world around you. Maybe you’ll find that you must sing for joy in praise of our Maker, who is in everything and works through everything!

God of all, help us to listen for the quiet places where you spirit may enter. May you fill us with a song that will pour from us and shower a thirsty world with your healing peace!

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