2012 Advent Devotion- Thursday, December 20

by Noha Khoury (Whitehall, Pennsylvania)

Psalm 126

Have you ever noticed how catchy vacation Bible school songs are? You can be going about your day until suddenly a trigger gets you singing (and performing the choreographed movements)!  Psalm 126 triggered for me a song entitled “Great Things.” As music leader for the week, that song is still as fresh in my mind as it was in June, 2011!

Though the song is elementary, it pushes my theology and me. The lyrics “We come here expecting God to do amazing things, right here, right now!” A struggle ensues within me as I feel guilt from this statement: How can we “expect” God to do great and amazing things when we say so? How dare I “expect” from the creator of all?

The truth is that God continues to do great things whether we expect God to or not. This reality is prevalent throughout the Advent season: We are well into a time of preparation, anticipation and, yes, even expectation for God to send a child, our savior, to be born of a virgin in a manger. Great things abound! May we be like the people in the psalm and rejoice with shouts of joy as we prepare to receive the greatest gift!

Holy God, reaper of joy from sown tears, let us never cease to remember your greatness and fulfillment of fortunes restored. Help us to continue to rejoice and dream as we ever prepare our hearts for the Christ Child. Amen.

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