2012 Advent Devotion- Saturday, December 15

by Luba Kravchenko, director of Liturgical Music, Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church (San Francisco, California)

Luke 22:31-38

The disciples said: “Lord, look, here are two swords.” He replied: “It is enough!”
Faced with the imminent fulfillment of ancient prophecy, Jesus tries to impart to his companions the full weight of the crisis they are about to face. Perhaps the disciples sense the anguish in Jesus’ voice, but as is often the case, they miss the crux of his message. Jesus admonishes them to be strong, to be prepared, to be alert. He prays that their “faith may not fail.” But the disciples, literal and over-eager, latch on to one word. Swords, Jesus? Don’t worry! We’ve got two right here!

How Jesus must have longed for his disciples to understand, to know what he knew, to share the burden he carried. Instead, the conversation ends abruptly “enough!” Perhaps the disciples are satisfied then, holding their two swords, feeling safe and strong. But Jesus’ heart aches, knowing that his closest friends simply don’t get it.

Like those well-meaning disciples, how often do we miss the point? How often do we miss God’s call to faith, and instead reach for the nearest sword?

God of love and peace, move us to see the world as you see it. When we rush to judgment and action, give us deeper insight and wisdom. Grow within us the courage and compassion to walk the path that you lay out before us.

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