2012 Advent Devotion- Wednesday, December 5

by Katrina Pekich-Bundy, Teaching Elder, Hanover Presbyterian Church (Hanover, Indiana)

Isaiah 2:1-4

While growing up I understood why we learned history in school, though I could never remember the dates of battles or who fought which war. I’d like to think that in elementary school I was keen enough to see that war was against God’s call to love, but to my mind history seemed half like statistics and half like keeping track of who was “right.” Now, with news of violence here in my own city, I feel like I’m a witness to history.

“Neither shall they learn war anymore.” It can be difficult to tune out the horrific news we hear long enough to imagine a world without violence. Imagined a world where our children were no longer taught war? The history lessons wouldn’t stop, nor would children cease to hear about current tragedies because the wars have stopped. What if they didn’t know what weapons were? What if they were fed by grain from a field plowed by what once was a sword?

That day may seem far away, but God promises it will come. Peace will take lots of hard work, including listening to one another and to God. Our methods do not always work, but God is willing to teach us. May we fight for peace by turning instruments of hate into instruments of nourishment.

God of peace, guide us in your wisdom so that we may know your ways. Illuminate our understanding so we can seek new avenues of peace. May Christ’s love encourage us to love one another so peace may abound. Amen.


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