The Spirit Moving During International Peacemaker Visits

A Reflection by Abigail Heimach

2012 International Peacemakers DebriefThe Peacemaking Program sent out surveys to hosts, International Peacemakers, and participants.  As the staff sifts through the results, we are seeing common themes. We are hearing of experiences that touched people’s souls—experiences that clearly reflect the workings of the Spirit, that inspire and energize peacemaking.

Many of the International Peacemakers shared that some of their most rewarding experiences were of times with small groups. These moments led to deep and meaningful conversations where the International Peacemakers could share about their work and lives, but also where they could learn of life in the United States. Many International Peacemakers were moved learning of poverty in the U.S. and ways that American Presbyterians are leading ministries to support their communities.

Some International Peacemakers shared of powerful experiences speaking with college and seminary students. Some of these schools are seeking long-term partnerships with countries and the International Peacemaker visits significantly contributed to the building of those relationships. Other International Peacemakers shared of forming close relationships with their hosts and also meeting people who have visited their country previously. For many, intimate experiences of learning together, sharing together, and listening together led to powerful experiences of peacemaking.

Who knows how God will work in these relationships in the future, but it is clear that although the International Peacemakers are no longer in the U.S., the past experiences will continue to impact future moments of peace.

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