A story from Homs, Syria

This story was provided by our partners in the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon during their visit to New York and our ministry.

The “Evangelical Old People’s Home” in Homs, Syria has a uniqueness all of its own: because of its ecumenical nature for one thing. It is run by both the Evangelical Church and the “Two Most Sacred Hearts” Maronite Order. A joint daily worship is held.

Nowadays, because the church building in Homs was strongly damaged, the congregation meets in the “Home” for its Sunday morning services, and other activities.  The “Home” hosts people from all religious backgrounds, who are offered spiritual support all the time.  For several months the whole area fell to the armed militias, and we were cut short of food and water and medicine; shells and bullets were falling all over the “Home”. A woman worker said: “Last March we were under fire and siege, I couldn’t spend Mother’s Day with my two daughters, but I was praying that I won’t be killed so not to spoil the joy of the day.”

The two nuns, Sister V. and Sister M. refused to leave to a safer area, insisting on staying in and helping the helpless aged.  Nowadays things are better since the Army entered the area and is in control. The pastor is residing in the “Home,” and launching his ministry from there.

At night shells still fall on the “Home” and the surroundings make people feel as if life turned into darkness; but when morning breaks we thank God that the light of Christ still shines in the “Home.”

Pray with us for God’s strength to continue as one person under all turmoil.

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