A family’s story from Syria

This story was provided by our partners in the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon during their visit to New York and our ministry.

Mr. J. is in his sixties, has a wife and three children—one son and two daughters.  Mr. J. lost his work and his older daughter did as well. His wife and his younger daughter don’t work. He tells his story:

From the beginning of 2011 we are suffering this crisis and the violence. We were always waiting for this violence comes to its end, but things became worse.  Our house got bombed in 18/12/2011 with big damage; our car was destroyed.  Because our house is in a very critical area in Homs, where clashes between the army and the militias happen very often, we had to leave our house for a safer area. We took only some clothes with us, leaving almost everything, everything we got by our hard working for more than 32 years because we were in a hurry to get out of this critical area. After a while, my wife and I returned back to our house and we were shocked that almost nothing was left in the house, everything was stolen, even our clothes. The situation in our new place got worse, as in all of the city of Homs, and because of the militias. We left our new place to Damascus to the house of my sister in 23/2/2012. We are in the house of my sister until now.  And because of this crisis, I lost my job from Nov. 2011 until now.  One more note, I want to add, when I mention the militias, I mean that they are gangs who murdered and robbed people.  Finally we thank our Lord Jesus Christ that he saved us until now.

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