Call to prayer on the International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace posterThe  World Council of Churches calls churches and congregations around the world to prayer on the International Day of Peace: 21 September. Participants are especially invited to pray and act together for a just peace in communities, nations and the world.

Prayers from different parts of the world will be shared through online means, including Facebook and Twitter. People who are not active on these social media platforms may share their prayers by email.
Prayers for a just peace lift up social, economic, ecological or political-military aspects of peace.

The prayers for peace last year circled the globe from Cuba to Fiji, Indonesia, Rwanda, Germany and Canada. A parish in Wales, to cite one example, prayed for reconciliation and against military drones.
 Observances of the peace prayer day began in 2004 as part of the ecumenical Decade to Overcome Violence (2001-2010) after an agreement between the heads of the WCC and the UN.

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On Twitter, the campaign uses the hashtag #peaceday

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