Minnesota and Ghana: people on the road

Small group discussionOn Monday, July 30, the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations had the pleasure of spending the day with members of The House of Hope Presbyterian Church of St. Paul, MN. The group joined us to learn more about human movement and related issues. We started the day with each seminar participant sharing her or his own family’s history of movement before being joined by our Ghanaian sisters and brothers from Trinity, Bethel, and Emmanuel Presbyterian Churches in New York.  In the afternoon, we listened to the Ghanaians’ stories and how issues of human movement have impacted their lives. One of the group’s main observations was that, regardless of different backgrounds and places, people move for similar reasons. Individuals have and continue to move whether it is because of economic, cultural or social motivation, and whether it is a voluntary or involuntary decision.

It was great taking part in such open and curious conversations. A big thank you to everyone who participated!

Photo by Sophie Beal.

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