Building bridges

Group involved in an icebreakerThe Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations hosted a seminar on 31 July intended to build bridges of understanding and awareness. Attending were young people from The House of Hope Presbyterian Church of St. Paul, Minnesota as well as young Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis brought together by Givat Haviva, an Israeli educational center that educates for peace, democracy, coexistence and understanding between Jewish and Arab Israelis.  The groups spent the day getting to know each other by sharing life stories, cultural dances, and reflections on what it may take to create peace within individuals and between communities, peoples and nations. Participants also broke bread (pizza) together.

The photo shows members of both groups in one of the icebreaker activities. It is taken by Johnstuart Winchell.

Thanks to our partners from the Church of the Covenant for hosting us for the day.

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