Palestinian prisoners, Israel agree to end of hunger strike

Here are a number of reports about the end of the hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners.  Thanks are in order for this development and for all who helped make it possible. Prayers are in order for those who have been on the hunger strike – for their health and wellbeing – for their nonviolent witness. Work is in order to recognize and respect the human rights of Palestinians. The effort to establish a just and durable peace for Palestinians and Israelis continues.

Agreement Signed Between Palestinian Prisoners and Israeli Prisons’ Administration Palestinian News Network
On Monday, 14th May, Head of Palestinian Prisoners’ Society, Qadura Fares, announced that an agreement between the Prisoners’ Committee in Ashkelon Prison and Israeli Prisons’ administration has been signed.
Fares confirmed that all the parties signed the agreement to end the open hunger strike that 1600 Palestinian prisoners have started since 28 days, with the presence of the representative of the Egyptian government.

Palestinian prisoners end hunger strike as agreement reached with Israeli officialsHaaretz
Israel Prison Services reported on Monday that Palestinian prisoners have agreed to end their hunger strike. Senior sources within the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club told Haaretz that an agreement was forged between the Israel Prison Services and the prisoners, containing three main chapters concerning administrative detainees, solitary confinement policy, and visits from family members residing in Gaza.

Lawyer: Administrative detainees agree to end strikeMa’an News Agency
Prisoners on long-term hunger strike agreed late Monday to join a deal ending the strikes in exchange for improved conditions, a lawyer said.
The Egyptian-brokered deal to end the mass hunger strike in Israeli jails will see the prisoners — including Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahla on a 77-day strike — released at the end of their administrative detention term.
Ofir Gendelman, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told Ma’an that all prisoners must end the hunger strike within 72 hours, and not later refuse food, for the deal to hold.

Palestinian inmates in Israel end mass hunger strikeBBC
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have agreed to end a mass hunger strike, which has been going on for more than two months.
More than 1,500 Palestinians have been refusing food to demand an improvement in conditions.
Under a deal, Israel conditionally agreed not to renew detentions without charge, which had been a key grievance.

Israel, Palestinian prisoners ink deal to end strikeJerusalem Post
Israel and Palestinian security prisoners on Monday signed an Egyptian-mediated deal to end a 28-day hunger strike by inmates.
According to the terms of the agreement, Palestinian prisoners committed to refrain from involvement in “activities against security” within prison walls. In exchange, previously suspended benefits will be reinstated by the Prisons Service, including the renewal of familial visits and allowing inmates held in separate cells to return to the general prison population.

Deal reached over Palestinian hunger strikeAl Jazeera
Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike have agreed on a deal with Israel to end their fast in return for an easing of their conditions, officials on both sides said.
The deal was reached after talks mediated by Egypt and the Palestinian Authority and made possible by the agreement of Palestinian groups “outside the prisons,” Israel’s Shin Bet internal security agency said in statement on Monday.

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