Clean water from Clifton Presbyterian Church

Clifton Presbyterian Church in Maxwelton, WV

Helps with the UNICEF Tap Project

by Larry Davis

When the Presbytery of West Virginia held a seminar at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations, they learned about the UNICEF Tap Project. Earlier this year, the presbytery invited congregations to participate in this effort to provide clean water to children around the world. Clifton Presbyterian Church in Maxwelton responded. Larry Davis writes:

Water bottle filled with dirty waterAs a result of the receipt of a Presbytery of West Virginia email about the UNICEF Tap Project for 2012, the Clifton Presbyterian Church in Maxwelton, WV (population 181) decided to get on board with the project.  A plastic water bottle filled with a liquid of disgusting appearance was the center piece of a plea for UNICEF Tap Project donations during the worship service on the Sunday preceding World Water Week and the one on March 25.  The congregation was assured that although the water in that bottle looked unsafe, it did not contain pathogenic microorganisms or toxic chemicals and therefore was potable.  They responded to the call for contributions to a program that would help provide pathogen-free water supplies for people in areas of the world where there is none, including parts of Vietnam and the three African countries targeted this year.  At the fellowship gathering after church on March 25, people placed their donations in bottles with Tap Project logos on them.

Thanks to the saints of Clifton Presbyterian Church!

Share your story of how your congregation or other group paricipated in the UNICEF Tap Project.

The photo is courtesy of Larry Davis and Clifton Presbyterian Church.

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