Women share stories of hope at the United Nations

Women make up the majority of the world’s poor. The reality of the world today is that women are disproportionately affected by poverty, due to unequal access to resources and opportunities, discriminatory land and inheritance laws, and unequal distribution of household resources. Violence against women persists, particularly in regions ravaged by war and natural disasters.

Meeting So begins Allie Naskret’s reflection on the process and experience of the 56th Session of the Commission of the Status of Women. A student at Princeton Theological Seminary, Allie serves as a field education student with the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. Her ministry focused on gender justice and involved her with the advocacy team of Ecumenical Women.

Allie reflects on challenges and pain, hope and possibility. Most of all, she ponders story: how the Biblical story interesects with our story and the power of story:

I heard countless women share their stories. Voicing stories of struggle and hardship became an opportunity for healing and hope. Voicing stories became a tool for advocacy and change, as we worked to influence governments and promote peace and justice in a broken world.

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The photo shows Allie (second from left) and other members of the Ecumenical Women Advocacy Team at work.

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