What are you doing on Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl Sunday is not an issue that you would probably expect on a blog shared by the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations and the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.  Super Bowl Sunday is here, on this blog because of our commitment to end human trafficking both here in the United States and around the world.  Large sporting events often act as hubs of human trafficking activity.  The Super Bowl is no exception.

Our partners at Presbyterian Women have encouraged people to join the United Church of Christ in asking  “Gov. Mitch Daniels to keep pushing the Indiana General Assembly to strengthen its anti-trafficking laws in advance of Super Bowl XLVI.  On that same page, tell the National Football League and the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee to make trafficking awareness and prevention a priority by aggressively promoting the issue and supporting public and law enforcement anti-trafficking efforts.”  Take action here.

Another way to become active is to visit our partners at ECPAT USA and/or the Freedom Network USA

We know that the scourge of human trafficking affects every part of society.  This Super Bowl Sunday, after you go to church and before you sit down to watch the big game, act and pray for the victims of human trafficking.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Human Trafficking Roundtable coordinates the Office of the General Assembly and the General Assembly Mission Council on our work to end trafficking everywhere.

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