Egypt’s Revolutionary Year and the Church’s Response

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Wednesday, February 1

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Much has changed in the Middle East over the past year. In fact, the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests that began in Tunisia and spread throughout the Arab world that began in December 2010 are still ongoing, resulting in sweeping governmental changes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. In Egypt, Hosni Mubarak resigned in February 2011 after 18 days of massive protests, ending his 30-year presidency. Time magazine named “the protester” its Person of the Year, signifying the importance and influence of the unrest in the world at this time.

Many Christians not only participated in the protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, and still more served the injured at clinics and hospitals. Further, throughout the last year, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt found ways to engage with the Egyptian society through dialogue and service, and has played a proactive role in mapping out a new future for their country.

Presbyterian work in Egypt is an undeniable mission success story. American Presbyterian mission activities in Egypt began in 1854 and under the auspices of the United Presbyterian Church of North America. Hundreds of mission coworkers served in Egypt for about twelve decades as educators, theological teachers, medical teams, rural health workers, agricultural experts, engineers and other specialists. The church planted by those early missionaries grew into the largest Protestant church in the Middle East, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt, Synod of the Nile.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • hear directly from one of our global partners in Egypt and discover what the church is doing to provide a witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ;
  • gain deeper understanding of the revolutionary events that are sweeping the Middle East, and learn about helpful resources for further reading and study;
  • find out how you can pray for Egyptians;
  • discover ways you can be engaged with the work of Presbyterian World Mission as it stands shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with the Egyptian Church;

Panelists include:
The Rev. Dr. Atef Gendy
President of Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo

Amgad Beblawi
Area Coordinator, the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe, Presbyterian World Mission

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