Prayer requests from Jonglei State

Our partners in the Presbyterian Church of Sudan and the Sudan Council of Churches have made the following specific prayer requests:

  • Roda Ading  and her daughter were abducted. Roda was later released without her daughter. Roda is  a member of Presbyterian Church of Sudan  Women’s Association. Please pray for her release as well as the release of others who have been abducted and an end to the violence.
  • Please pray for our pastors: Rev. William Atiel, Rev. John Kiziwoz, Rev. John Giro, Rev. David Ngachamor and his wife and Rev. John Tubuwa Golomo. All of them are still missing. Some men and women came back from their hiding but all the pastors listed are still missing.

Sharon Curry, PC(USA) mission co-worker serving as a regional health and development consultant with the Presbyterian Church of Sudan adds the following request:

My prayer request is that God will help the youth find the solutions that will convince their friends, family members and peers to lay down their weapons, set aside their anger and vengeance and take up the branch of peace that will help them rebuild their country.

In addition to these requests, prayers for all the people of South Sudan and Jonglei State – particularly those who have been killed, injured or displaced, for peace, for justice, for a turn from violence all remain needed.




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