2011 Advent Devotion- Wednesday, December 21

Wednesday, December 21                              
Luke 1:46-55

I’ve always loved the Magnificat…such a jubilant celebration of God’s power! It’s as if she’s breaking into song, her words a soaring melody. She exults in being chosen and consenting to be the “God-bearer.” Her spirit rejoices in being the vessel in whom and by whom the Anointed One is enfleshed and is coming into the world, a world rent by great divisions and torn by savage inequalities. Amazingly, she gifts him to this world. She will raise him, as she herself does, to take refuge in the God who “dethrones the mighty” and “scatters the proud,” who “fills the hungry with good things” and “exalts those of low degree.” The Magnificat is joy rising from the underside of history, an expression of radical hope.

What better time than Advent for us to join Mary in celebrating the power of God? What better time than this season of light to rededicate ourselves to imagining peace, teaching peace, making peace? Why not now to tackle the idol of militarism? Let us, each in our own way, open ourselves utterly to the vision of the Prince of Peace…to a vision of lives and nations transformed, of weapons decommissioned, of learning war no more, of giving birth, with Mary, to Christ within us, and among us, a new necessity for peace?

Prepare our hearts, O God, in this season of light, to receive the unspeakably precious gift of Christ. Inspired by Mary’s song, strengthen us to take his blazing light into dark places, trusting that something wonderful will be born. Amen.

Rev. J. Mark Davidson, pastor, Church of Reconciliation and chair, Peacemaking Discernment Steering Team, PC(USA)
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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