2011 Advent Devotion- Tuesday, December 20

Tuesday, December 20                    
Luke 1:26-38

Mary is a central part of the Catholic culture that permeates Latino life. Protestant churches have had mixed feelings toward her, wanting her to remain in the shadows. There is a strong opinion among some that she has been used to subjugate Latina women, because she is a role model for submission.

But her answer does not necessarily point to submission; it points to a radical trust and obedience that should be viewed as an example to follow. Mary, feeling full and empowered by the Holy Spirit thrusts herself into God’s arms, knowing that the Lord is with her and will be with her when she tells Joseph of this encounter, when she witnesses her son’s birth… and when she sees him die. This radical obedience and trust allows her to live in peace, with the sublime understanding that she is not alone. The angel reminds her of this in saying, “The Lord is with you.”

Mary’s calling to be a part of the divine plan of salvation has been one of my ministry centering passages. It is one that reminds me of what my relationship should be with God. I have to trust God when confronting life’s troubles and tribulations. I have to obey God, because in obedience I will find the peace of mind I seek. I have to live with the reminder that God is with me, always. May it be so in your life as well.

God of companionship, fill us always with your Holy Spirit, so that we can put our trust in you and find peace in obeying your will for our lives. Remind us always, of your constant and unending presence. Amen.

Rev. Marissa Galván-Valle, associate for resources and relationships with Hispanic/Latino constituencies, PC(USA)
Louisville, Kentucky

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