2011 Advent Devotion- Tuesday, December 13

Tuesday, December 13                    
Matthew 24:32-44

So when will Jesus come?

I guess if we knew that there wouldn’t be any point anymore, would there? I mean, then there would be no question of what to believe. It would be like refusing to admit that gravity exists.

And how will Jesus appear?

Will he just pop into our kitchens, or come down our chimneys like Santa Claus? Maybe we should put out some bread and wine just in case? Maybe everyone will see him coming in
different ways, like a multi-purpose Jesus.

And when he comes, what happens if he’s not how we always thought he would be?

What if he, Jesus, comes to us as a woman, or as a Chinese person? What would happen if Jesus came to us clean-shaven?

God, we pray for those—even ourselves—who think they know what’s coming. Amen.

Evelyn Pugh, student, San Francisco School of the Arts
San Francisco, California

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