2011 Advent Devotion- Tuesday, December 6

Tuesday, December 6
Psalm 146; Matthew 22:34-46

During those times in life when we travel through “the valley”, the darkest storms or the deepest oceans, the community of faith wraps its arms around us and cares for us. This was brought home to me recently when my grandson, Jacob, spent nine days in the hospital. When Jacob was better I returned to work, and the psalm for the day in chapel was Psalm 146: “Happy are those whose help is the God of Jacob.” My friends, who had been praying during his illness, rejoiced at the happy coincidence and declared Psalm 146 to be Jacob’s Psalm.

Our God is the God of compassion who “lifts up those who are bowed down.” Because we follow this God, we, too, are called to be people of compassion. We’re not only in need of help ourselves; we’re also called to help on God’s behalf.

During this time of gift giving and receiving, let us remember to give the gift of compassion.

May the gift of the Christ child remind us to love in unexpected, compassionate ways! Amen.

Debby Vial, associate for peacemaking partnerships, Presbyterian Peacemaking Program, PC(USA)
Louisville, Kentucky

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