Prayers of hope and remembrance

What do people write on Ribbons of Hope for the 10th Anniversary of September 11, 2001?

During the Thursday, August 25, 2011 worship service at the Church Center for the United Nations, participants wrote the following prayers:

All of God’s people to rise up heal, help, hope and care.

May this time of remembering be a “Grand Happening.”

Oh God. Make us an instrument of thy peace! Shalom. Amen.

Hope for the World, for all nations, for my kids, for all children. Hope for peace for all.

That we should claim righteousness.  Give us a humble, kind and lovely spirit.

Love, Hope and Harmony

For promise and possibility that was derailed. Forgive our  turn to violence, guide us to seek peace

Lord, remain with the families who lost loved ones, strengthen them, bless them that 9/11 will bring them close together, to become more loving, in the blessed name of Jesus.

Help those who do not yet know how much help they need.

Love. Love. Love. Love………….

Pictures of Ribbons of HopePax vobiscum…..Pax vobiscum…….

Sing for Joy, the Lord will give you peace and strength.

Lord we pray for all those whose dreams have been forgotten.  Lead them to joy and happiness. Lord God, wherever two or more people are together you are in their midst. I confess you are here for all eternity. You hold us in the palm of your hand.

God of all hope, plant your hope in our hearts so that we may share that hope with the Lost.

I pray for those who carry hate and prejudice, may God work with them to accept all people of and live together in peace.  I pray for all children to know what love is and to have a childhood filled with love.

Blessings to NYC.  Wage peace.

Comfort to all from our Lord Jesus.

Be with the families of the victims.  Give them your comfort and peace.

Let NYC become a city of light and Hope, not of darkness and fear.

Pray for an end for all divisive rhetoric.

Blessings all those who are sharing in the ministry.  May the peace of Christ be yours.

God we pray for reconciliation, peace and friendship and above all…actions motivated by love

Lord God, I pray for those I was with on 9/11, friends and colleagues.

A humble and contrite heart you will not reject.

We pray for your protection in Jesus Name.

O God of all people, grant us a true everlasting world peace.

Lord of Love; increase our acceptance for all world peace.

O Lord, please stand with all the lovers and win over the haters.

God help us to stop our war and madness. Help us to be makers of peace.

We thank you God of hope and trust, always there for us and caring us and for us for our daily needs.

Lord blesses the people who help us in this war.

Let us respond with acts that build peace and reconciliation.  Help our children to do the same.

God of all, bless the world with peace only you can deliver. Extinguish hate and ignite love.

Lord, bless and protect us.

Those who are suffering various diseases from fumes from Ground Zero.

Kum Ba Yah Lord, Kum Ba Yah.

In Remembrance lie the seeds of redemption. Sept 2001 -Sept 2011.

That war, hatred, and terrorism will cease and peace will reign in the world.

God bless America.

Reconciliation. God forgive us and help us to know all the things that work for peace.

That our trust in God may be strengthened that we as a nation can continue to submit our dependence on him, who is our heavenly Father.  Bless the families who love their loved ones.

God is our salvation, holy, courage, faith and trust in Him from all.

God of mercy, may your kingdom come that all may know justice, reconciliation and peace.

For thou art the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever.

Dear Jesus, cover us with your spirit and help us find peace as the wars rage.  Be with those in the midst. Be their comforter. May we practice love and kindness, and your light to those who live in darkness, brings reconciliation where there is strife.  May our love for you transcend the difference between us.

Participants in the seminar from the Presbytery of West Virginia shared the following prayers:

Pax vobiscum – let peace not vengeance reign – shalom

Do not be afraid – let your light shine – God bless America

Lord make me an instrument of Your peace for Jesus’ sake.

God bless America.

God’s love is for everyone. We remember . . .

When we struggle to see the light of your love and grace through the darkness, dear Lord, help us remember we are not alone.

God, you have strength, give rest to all who mourn

May we work to make our prayers real and to realize our hopes

God bless all nations

Remembrance of the past. Hope for the future. Blessings on us all.

Let there be peace in this broken world.

Peace to all

Hope to all

Thanks to Peng Leong for helping transcribe the Ribbons of Hope. These ribbons have been sent to Intersections International for inclusion in the display at Battery Park.

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