Situation in Syria

Presbyterians, with people around the world, hold the country and people of Syria in prayer during these challenging days. Presbyterians have been involved in Syria from the early 1800s, when early American Presbyterian missionaries came to the Near East. American Presbyterians took the lead in Syria, as they had in Lebanon, in education, health care and church development. However, most mission work has been united in Syria (and Lebanon) under one mission society, which includes Presbyterians from Scotland and Ireland and Lutherans from Denmark. In 1956 the Mission Society of Syria and Lebanon encouraged and helped develop national leadership in the two countries, and the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon was established. The National Synod now is responsible for all churches, schools and hospitals that were under the mission. The following are among sources of information both on Syria and the current situation:

Presbyterians in ministry with the people of Syria

Guide: Syria Crisis from BBC

Syria Spotlight from Al Jazeera

Syria’s Christians Back Assad from Christianity Today

Syrian Christians: Regime or Reform?

A call to end the violence in Syria from the World Council of Churches

UN chief urges Syrian leader to halt use of violence against civilians

UN human rights experts urge Syria to end use of violence against civilians

Security Council, in Statement, Condemns Syrian Authorities for ‘Widespread Violations of Human Rights, Use of Force against Civilians

May God guide the people of Syria in the paths of peace.

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