Poem of Peace

Poem of Peace

Today is the day of peace,Youth show their poster with poem.
All conflicts in the world must cease!
We will try the best we can,
To lend a helping hand.
We will give free hugs and lots of love,
And raise our hands to the sky above!
Remember that we are all the same
Even though we have a different name!!

The final activity of the Youth Making a Difference event sponsored by Givat Haviva and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations involved the young people in brainstorming ideas for how to observe the International Day of Peace on September 21.

Many good ideas were generated (they will be posted in the days ahead).
One group wrote a poem during the thirty minutes or so (they did negotiate for some additional time). It was amazing to watch them work and write – and to hear them read the poem to the rest of the group in English – in Hebrew – and in Arabic.

May every day be a day of peace.

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