Religions for Peace on the bombing in Oslo

A statement from the Moderator and Secretary General

22 July 2011

Religions for Peace condemns the morally reprehensible bombing in Oslo, Norway. This callous, cowardly and depraved act was designed to kill, injure and terrorize indiscriminately.

Religions for Peace rejects any misuse of religion to justify indiscriminate violence.

We also mourn the innocent people killed and injured and extend to the victims and their families our solidarity in sorrow.

The European Council of Religious Leaders – Religions for Peace is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Its Moderator, Bishop Gunnar Stålsett, and its Secretary General, Mr. Stein Villumstad, are standing by to act in the name of Religions for Peace around the world to help ensure no scapegoating ensues as a result of this terrible bombing.

Religions for Peace renews its commitment to its mission of helping the world’s religious communities to cooperate for peace with justice and mercy.

Dr. William F. Vendley is the Secretary General and the V. Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky is the Moderator of Religions for Peace.

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