Bringing Voice to Peacemaking

Reflections from the Peacemaking Conference “Growing Christ’s Peace’ at the Big Tent


Lisherness and dove pin

Lisherness talking about a Palestinian crafted olive wood dove.


Sara Lisherness, director of Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry, in her plenary presentation talked about ‘servanthood ‘ as a call to peacemaking.  Peacemaking is not a project to be completed, but a life long ‘vocation.’  

Some years ago, I was talking with someone for whom I have great admiration and she was contemplating  ‘who are the contemporary prophetic voices in peacemaking?  Who are the Robert McAfee Brown’s in the church?’   

Then to her surprise, she realized, ‘it is me, it is my generation’ and the task of stepping up and giving voice to peacemaking is excitingly humbling. 


  • “True vocation joins self and service”- Parker J. Palmer
  • Vocation as “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need”- Fredrick Buechner   

If permission is needed, then let it be granted to you.  Consider and think what voice you might bring to peacemaking. 


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