Update report on Sudan

Security Council Report has published an Update Report on Sudan.

Council members have been individually assessing events in Sudan—the military takeover of Abyei and the deteriorating situation in Southern Kordofan—almost on a day-to-day basis, but Council members have not formally met on Sudan since 3 June and most of the scheduled informal discussions have been repeatedly postponed.  The Council next meets on Monday 20 June, where it is expected they will receive a briefing on the outcome of the Addis Ababa talks.  It is possible that Council members will then negotiate a mandate and authorise a force to implement the emerging ideas for a security arrangement in Abyei.The Council is also expected to start discussions on the mandate of a new peacekeeping mission in South Sudan in the coming days.  While possible, it now seems unlikely that this mandate would be finalised and adopted before the end of June.

Update Report in PDF and Word.

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