Look back on the Decade of the Child

Decade of the Child logoAs the Decade of the Child draws to a close in July of 2011, pause to consider what your congregation has done in ministry with and for children, both those within your own walls and those beyond your doors — in your community, the nation and the world. What good programs have you put in place? What special new challenges have arisen in the past ten years? What stubborn problems remain to be addressed? Visit the Child Advocacy website and post a comment about what your church is doing.

Pray for children using the video “For Children We Pray” . Set up prayer stations using the statistics, prayers and worship resources.

Explore Presbyterians in Covenant with Children, a virtual covenant community of congregations and groups who covenant to make a difference with and for children

Read an article on the close of the Decade in the May issue of Presbyterians Today.

This notice was written by our colleague, Martha Bettis Gee in the Office of Child Advocacy.

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