A prayer for Sudan after the Security Council visit

The UN Security Council visit to Africa, which included a trip to Sudan (and a cancelled trip to Abyei), has ended. Here's a related prayer to use for the Season of Prayer leading up to the independence of South Sudan:

God of peace and possibility,
grant wisdom to the members of the United Nations Security Council
as they reflect upon what they have seen and heard in Sudan.
Guide them to make plans that will establish justice, promote peace, and protect the people

Grant courage to those currently serving in the United Nations Mission to Sudan and to those who will serve in days to come.
Inspire them to fulfill their mandate faithfully as they work to promote peace and protect the people.

Grant vision to all the peoples of Sudan that they may turn from violence,
see one another as sisters and brothers,
and work to live together in justice and in peace.

We pray in Jesus' name.

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