Interreligious Working Group on Domestic Human Needs Webinar!

Budget Debates 102*:
Debt Ceiling, Spending Caps and Program Cuts
Why you should care & what you can do about it

May 26
12:00-1:00 Eastern
Contact to register

Debt limit!  Triggers!  Spending caps! What does it all mean for your community?  For children?  Older adults?  People living with hunger or homelessness?  How can you protect vulnerable people from cuts to important services?
The budget debates in Congress pose some of the biggest threats to poor and hungry people that we have seen in decades.  Find out what they are and how they would make state and local budget cuts even worse.  Cut through the rhetoric and learn the simple truth about our budget, debt and deficits.  Learn how to respond and take action.
The Senate will be coming home for recess May 30-Jun 5.  Call their offices and set up meetings now!  Here’s how: Our webinar will provide talking points for meetings and other actions.
*This webinar will not assume prior knowledge.  We’ll start from a beginner’s level.  However, for Budget Debates 101, you can review our last webinar and resources at


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