Hope for Darfur – Justice in Sudan Rally

Hope for Darfur – Justice in Sudan Rally

Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 1:30 PM

Washington, DC

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The Hope For Darfur – Justice in Sudan Rally objective is to encourage people to stand up, take action, and march to demonstrate to our government that there is continued broad US citizen support for the United States to pursue peace and justice in Sudan. Darfur Interfaith Network (DIN) and GI-NET/Save Darfur are determined to raise awareness of the unjust policies of the Government of Sudan and the resultant unsafe and horrible living conditions of Darfuris and for those who continue to suffer in southern Sudan and other marginalized areas in Sudan. DIN wants to let the opressed people of Sudan know they are neither alone nor forgotten. We are demanding that the US government and the international community act with greater focus and determination to help the innocent people of Darfur and other areas in Sudan who have suffered far too long.

The Hope for Darfur – Justice in Sudan Rally will start at 1:30 pm at the Metropolitan AME Church at 1518 M Street, N.W. Weather permitting, we will walk about half of a mile to Lafayette Park across from the White House where the rally will be held. Your support will help make a difference.

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