Advent Devotion – December 17, 2010

Scripture – Psalm 130 and Matthew 11:2–15

2010 Advent Devotion for web This time of year finds the air buzzing with a fabricated and often frustrated excitement. Do you enjoy or endure the holidays? Do you seek something that seems altogether missing from the list of holiday options?

Maybe those who sojourned to the wilderness to behold John the Baptist had endured enough softly royal robed propriety; it seems that Jesus had. A theologian once wrote, “One cannot repent of a thing while at the same time willing it.” If we are compelled to walk a path of peace, we must take care that our steps don’t lead away from justice. If, on the other hand, we are seeking a rave review, the superficiality of fickle fashion will be enough to fill our shallow wish list.
From the depths of the chasm a pitiful cry goes up—not for more meaninglessness—we’re already buried dangerously deep in the debris of emptiness. But our hope is the enduring, steadfast God of justice, who has not forgotten the peoples of the world to whom the gift of new life is sent again and again.

I know a Shinnecock woman who asks her grandchildren at holiday time, “If you were cold in the woodland far from home, which would you choose, a $100 bill, or a hot bowl of Neesha Wump (eel soup)?”

Ancient, Holy Creator-God, we long for authenticity in our lives, our holidays, our world. May we show our love for you by enabling the children of the world to partake of food this day; may your justice bring peace. A-hau. Amen.

The Rev. Holly Haile Davis, D.D.,
Shinnecock Indian Reservation, New York

Order Proclaiming the Good News of God's Peace.

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